Want to Know about Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Missing a flight can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re trying to get somewhere important. If you’re a Delta Airlines customer and have missed a flight, you probably have a lot of questions about their policies. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Delta’s rules and options for missed flights.

Key Points To Consider For Your Delta Missed Flights

If you miss a Delta flight for any reason, here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Contact Delta as soon as possible. Calling customer service right away gives you the best chance of booking another flight or obtaining a refund if eligible.
  • Understand the 2 hour rule. Delta generally requires you to be at the gate at least 15 minutes before domestic flights and 30 minutes before international. If you arrive after that but within 2 hours of departure, you may still get on standby.
  • Cancel your reservation if you won’t make it. This can potentially waive change fees if you need to rebook. Just know cancelling within 24 hours causes forfeiture of fare.
  • Missed connections may be rebooked. Delta will rebook you if you miss a connecting flight due to their own delays or cancellations.
  • Get to the airport ASAP. If you miss your original flight but can still make it to the airport within 2 hours of departure time, head there immediately to increase standby chances.

How To Book A New Ticket If I Have Missed My Delta Flight

If you miss your original Delta flight, there are a couple options for potentially getting on another plane:

Contact Customer Service

The best option is to call Delta customer service (1-800-221-1212) for help rebooking as soon as possible. Agents can check for availability on later flights and may waive change fees depending on the circumstance. They will rebook you if you qualify for a “Confirmed, Same-Day Standby” flight.

  • Tip: Calling gives you access to more flights than what you can see online.

Reach the Nearest Airport

If you can make it to the airport within 2 hours of your originally scheduled departure time, go straight there. Head to the gate of your missed flight and ask to be put on standby for the next flight.

  • Note: Standby is not guaranteed. You’ll only get on if there’s an open seat.

Prioritizing getting to the airport gives you the best shot at potentially catching another flight. Delta gate agents can also assist with rebooking.

That covers the basics of rebooking with Delta after a missed flight. Read on to learn more details of their policies.

What Should I Do If My Delta Flight Is Missed?

What Should I Do If My Delta Flight Is Missed

If you’re unable to make a scheduled Delta flight, here are some steps to take:

Inform Delta Representatives in Advance

Contact Delta as soon as you realize you will miss your flight, if possible. This could be by calling customer service or informing a gate agent if you’re already at the airport. They can document the situation and try to get you on another flight.

Arrive within 2 Hours of Departure

As mentioned, you need to be at the gate at least 15 minutes before domestic flights and 30 minutes before international ones. However, if you arrive within 2 hours of your scheduled departure, ask to be put on standby at no additional charge for the next flight with open seats.

Cancel your Reservation

If you know you will not make it to the airport in time at all, cancel your original reservation. This may waive change fees for rebooking on a later flight. Just know that cancelling within 24 hours of departure causes forfeiture of fare.

What Is The Delta Missed Connection Flight Policy?

If you miss a connecting flight on Delta because your original flight was delayed or cancelled, they will rebook you on the next available flight to your final destination at no additional charge. This includes overnight hotel and meal accommodations if needed.

To be reprotected, you need to have left enough connection time based on Delta’s guidelines:

  • Domestic connections: At least 30 minutes between flights
  • International connections: At least 60 minutes between flights

As long as you met the minimum connect time criteria, Delta will rebook you if you miss a connection due to their delays/cancellations.

What Happens If I Miss My Delta Flight Due To A Delay?

If you miss your Delta flight because of a delay or cancellation with your original Delta flight, they will rebook you free of charge on the next available flight. This is part of their “flat tire” rule to provide protection when delays are Delta’s fault.

To qualify, you need to have booked an itinerary with the minimum connection time between flights:

  • At least 30 minutes for domestic connections
  • At least 60 minutes for international connections

As long as you left enough buffer time, Delta will put you on standby status for the next flight with availability if you miss a connection. They will also provide overnight accommodation and meals if needed during the delay.

What Is The Delta Missed Flight Fee?

If you miss your scheduled Delta flight for reasons unrelated to a Delta delay/cancellation, there may be fees involved:

  • Domestic flights: $150 change fee if able to be rebooked. Additional differences in fare may apply.
  • International flights: $300 change fee, plus fare differences.
  • Within 24 hours of departure: Ticket is forfeited.

However, the change fee may be waived if you notify Delta in advance that you will miss the flight and are able to be rebooked. Contact a representative to check options.

Does Delta Offer Refunds For Missed Flights?

In most cases of missed flights, Delta does not offer refunds if you simply could not make it or chose not to travel. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Missing the flight due to a major Delta delay or cancellation
  • Qualifying for a bereavement fare
  • Having booked a fully refundable ticket
  • Meeting the requirements for a refund under Delta’s Force Majeure Event policy

Outside of those situations, tickets are generally non-refundable for missed flights. You will need to pay any change fees and fare differences to rebook.

What Is The Delta Airlines No-Show Policy?

Delta considers a “no show” to be when a passenger does not cancel their flight reservation ahead of time and also does not check-in or make the flight.

The no show policy is:

  • Domestic flights: Ticket is forfeited if you no-show
  • International flights: Ticket is forfeited plus a $150 fee is charged
  • Within 24 hours of departure: Ticket forfeited even if reservation was cancelled

Avoid the penalties by proactively cancelling your reservation in advance if you know you will miss the flight and cannot be rebooked within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I miss my Delta Airline flight?

If you miss your Delta flight, contact them immediately to notify them and try to get rebooked. Arrive at the airport ASAP, within 2 hours of your original departure, to increase your chances of getting on another flight.

What if I miss my flight because of the airline?

If you miss a connection because of a delay or cancellation with your initial Delta flight, they will rebook you for free under their flat tire rule. As long as you left the minimum connect time, you’ll be protected.

Will the airline charge me if I miss a flight?

Delta will charge domestic change fees of $150 and international fees of $300 to rebook missed flights in many cases. However, the fees may be waived if you notify them in advance and are accommodated on another flight.

What Happens if I Miss My Flight on Delta Airlines?

Missing your scheduled flight on Delta can lead to fees, forfeited tickets, or getting stuck until the next available flight. Here’s what you can expect:

Delta Airlines Missed Flights Phone Number

If you miss your flight, call 1-800-221-1212 as soon as possible to notify Delta and try to get on another plane. Agents are available 24/7.

Alternative Options for Missed Flights on Delta Airlines

If unable to be rebooked within 24 hours, you can request a refund to book a flight on another airline. Delta may offer travel vouchers if you volunteer to be bumped from an oversold flight as well.

Delta Airlines Standby Flights

If you can get to the airport within 2 hours of your original flight, ask to be put on standby for the next Delta plane with open seats free of charge. Just know it’s not guaranteed.


Missing a flight can derail travel plans and be a major inconvenience. By being aware of Delta’s policies for missed flights, you can minimize frustration and get rebooked more smoothly. Know that contacting Delta right away, arriving at the airport within 2 hours, and having flexibility for standby can provide options.

While change fees or forfeited fares may still result, you’ll be better equipped to handle the situation. With preparation and swift action, you can overcome missed flight challenges on Delta. Being informed on their policies will give you the best opportunity to get where you need to go with minimal disruption.

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