How to Change the Name on a Flight Ticket with Delta

Delta’s name change policy allows passengers to make minor corrections to names on flight reservations, while major name changes are restricted. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to change a name on a Delta Airlines ticket, the airline’s name change rules, and tips for a smooth process.

Delta Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines has a flexible name correction policy for minor spelling errors and name adjustments like adding a middle initial or updating a last name due to marriage. However, the airline typically does not allow name changes to substitute one passenger for another entirely different person.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

Delta permits corrections for minor spelling errors in a passenger’s name. Additionally, adjusting a first, middle, or last name due to marriage, divorce or other legal name change is allowed. Major name changes that effectively transfer the ticket to another passenger are restricted.

Adding a. Middle Name to a Delta Airlines Ticket

Adding a missing middle name or initial to a ticket reservation is permitted by Delta’s name correction policy, as this is viewed as a minor update.

Changing a Last Name in the Case of Marriage or Divorce

Passengers can change their last name on Delta tickets if they provide proper documentation of a legal name change event like marriage or divorce. A copy of the marriage certificate or court order will be required.

Correcting Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

Fixing small typos in the spelling of a first or last name is allowed by Delta. For instance, correcting “Kristen” to “Kristin” or “Jonson” to “Johnson” on a ticket.

Ways to Change the .Name on a Delta Flight Ticket

Delta offers several methods to update names on flight reservations:

Delta Name Changes Online

Log into your Delta account online and access your upcoming itinerary. Use the “Change Passenger Details” option to edit names and submit legal documents if needed.

Delta Name Changes on the Phone

Call Delta reservations at 800-221-1212 and an agent can assist with name changes over the phone. Documentation may be required.

Delta Name Changes on the Mobile App

Use the Delta app to access your reservation and submit a name change request electronically. Upload any necessary legal documents directly through the app.

Delta Name Changes over Text Message

Text “HELP” to 64600 and Delta’s AI assistant can facilitate basic name changes over text message.

Most Airlines Are Strict .with Name Changes

Unlike some other major carriers, Delta does allow minor name corrections and changes due to legal name change events. But the airline still prohibits name changes that essentially transfer the ticket to a different passenger.

How to Reach Delta .Customer Service

To request name changes on Delta tickets, contact Delta customer support:

  • Online chat or email via Delta’s website
  • Call 1-800-221-1212 for assistance 24/7
  • Text “HELP” to 64600 to use Delta’s text messaging AI bot

Delta Airlines Name. Change Guide

Can I Change My Name on a Delta Flight?

Minor name corrections and legal name changes are permitted. But substitutions like changing from “John Smith” to “Jane Doe” are not allowed.

How to Change Name on Delta Airlines Flight Tickets?

Delta Airlines Name Change. Process (Online)

  1. Access your reservation online and select “Change Passenger Details”
  2. Edit the passenger name as needed
  3. Upload marriage certificate/court order if changing last name
  4. Submit request and wait for confirmation

Call Delta Airlines to Request a. Name Change

  1. Call 800-221-1212 for Delta reservations
  2. Provide booking code and passenger name
  3. Explain name correction needed
  4. Submit legal documents if required
  5. Agent will assist with name change

What is the Delta Airlines. Name Correction Policy?

Delta allows minor name corrections like fixing typos and adding missing middle names. Substituting the passenger’s name entirely is restricted.

Delta Airlines Name Change .Exceptions

  • Minor spelling corrections permitted
  • Adding missing middle name/initial allowed
  • Changing last name due to legal name change event with documents
  • Substituting passenger name not allowed

Can I Change or Correct. My Last Name on Delta Tickets?

Yes, Delta does allow passengers to update their last name on reservations if they provide documentation of a legal name change like a marriage certificate or court order.

What is Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents?

First or Middle Name Correction

Travel agents can fix minor typos in first or middle names if the rest of the name matches the passenger’s ID.

Correction of last names

Agents must collect documentation for any last name changes and send to Delta for review.

Adding last name to the Passenger’s Ticket

If a passenger’s last name is missing from the ticket, the travel agent must contact Delta with documentation to add the last name.

Delta Airlines Legal. Name Change Policy- Changing name Due to Legal Reasons

For name changes due to legal events like marriage, divorce, adoption or court order, Delta requires documentation like a marriage license, certificate or court order to verify the name change.

Can I Change my .Name on My Delta Skymiles Account?

Yes, SkyMiles members can change their name online by accessing their account profile, selecting “Personal Information” and updating their name there. Documentation is required for last name changes.

Final Say

Delta Airlines does allow minor name corrections and name changes due to legal events like marriage when proper documentation is provided. While the airline’s name change policy is more flexible than some carriers, Delta’s rules still prohibit substitutions that effectively transfer the ticket to another passenger. Following Delta’s name change procedures carefully is key to a smooth process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to change the name of Delta airlines?

It can take 1-3 days for Delta to process and confirm straightforward name corrections submitted online. Legal name changes may take longer to review documents.

Can we change the name on the ticket that is already printed?

If it is just a minor spelling error, Delta can reissue an updated ticket. But name changes that transfer the ticket require booking a new reservation.

Is it ok if I transfer my ticket to someone else?

No, transferring a Delta ticket to another passenger is against Delta’s name change policy and is not permitted.

Does it take more than 24 hours to change the name on Delta Airlines?

Minor name corrections may be confirmed within 24 hours. But name changes due to legal reasons can take 1-3 days to review documentation provided.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

Refund eligibility depends on the fare class purchased. Restricted tickets are nonrefundable, while unrestricted economy tickets are fully refundable.

What amount is dedicated after canceling my delta flight?

For nonrefundable tickets, any residual value after cancellation is forfeited. Refundable fares will be fully refunded if canceled, minus any change fees that apply.

How much does Delta change to change the name on the ticket?

Delta does not charge a fee specifically for name changes due to minor corrections or legal name changes. A fare difference or change fee may apply in some cases.

Can I change an airline ticket with a different name?

Delta does not permit transferring a ticket to another passenger with a completely different name in most cases, unless the new passenger is a direct family member.

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