Snow Predictions For Virginia 2023 – 2024?

Wondering if you need to dust off your sled? Get ready for some snow news! This winter season (2023-2024) in Virginia might be frostier than usual, with more snowfall than last year. Experts predict above-average snowfall, especially in late December, mid-January, and early February.

So, while a white Christmas isn’t likely across the state, there’s a good chance for snowy adventures later in the winter. Keep an eye on the weather reports for updates, and bundle up for some chilly fun! Remember, even a little snow can make a big difference, so be prepared for wintery roads and dress warmly when playing outside.

Snow Predictions For Virginia 2023 – 2024

The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Snowfall: Above normal overall, around 2-3 inches more than typical monthly averages.
  • Snowiest Periods: Late December, late January, and mid-February.
  • White Christmas: Not expected, except maybe in higher elevations of West Virginia.
  • Temperatures: Above average overall, with colder spells in December, late January, and early February.


  • Snowfall: No specific prediction available yet, but they agree with the trend of a potentially active winter with potential for above-average snowfall.
  • Snowiest Periods: No specific details yet, but monitor their updates closer to winter.
  • White Christmas: Similar to the Almanac, unlikely across most of Virginia.
  • Temperatures: Above average overall, with chances for colder periods.

The Farmers’ Almanac:

  • Snowfall: No specific amount mentioned, but they concur with the possibility of an above-average winter with more snowfall than last year.
  • Snowiest Periods: Information not available yet, but keep an eye on their updates.
  • White Christmas: Unlikely for most of Virginia.
  • Temperatures: Similar to the other sources, expecting mostly above-average temperatures with some colder spells.


Virginia Snow Forecast 2023-2024

Here’s a summary of the overall forecast:


  • Above average: Compared to historical averages, Virginia could see 2-3 inches more snow per month on average.
  • Snowiest periods: Late December, mid- to late January, and early to mid-February are expected to be the snowiest times.
  • Specific amounts: No exact predictions available yet, but stay tuned to local forecasts for updates closer to winter.

Other factors:

  • Temperatures: Overall above average, with colder spells in December, late January, and early February.
  • White Christmas: Unlikely for most of Virginia, except possibly higher elevations in the west.

Regional Snow Forecasts for Virginia: 2023-2024

Northern Virginia:

  • Snowfall: Heavier snowfall is expected, especially in the mountains with accumulations of 30-50 inches possible. The Piedmont region could see 10-20 inches of snow.
  • Temperatures: Similar to the overall forecast, expect colder spells in December, late January, and early February.
  • White Christmas: Higher elevations like the Blue Ridge Mountains might have a white Christmas, but lower areas are unlikely.

Central Virginia:

  • Snowfall: Moderate snowfall is anticipated, with the Roanoke Valley potentially receiving 15-25 inches of snow.
  • Temperatures: Aligned with the overall forecast, temperatures will likely be above average with pockets of colder periods.
  • White Christmas: While unlikely for most areas, higher elevations closer to the Blue Ridge could see a dusting of snow.

Southern Virginia:

  • Snowfall: Lighter snowfall is predicted, with areas like Norfolk expecting 2-5 inches of snow.
  • Temperatures: Generally warmer than other regions, but still some colder spells expected.
  • White Christmas: Highly unlikely for Southern Virginia, even in higher elevations.

Additional notes:

  • Localized factors like elevation and proximity to large bodies of water can significantly impact snowfall amounts within each region.
  • Remember, these are just predictions, and actual snowfall can vary depending on specific weather patterns.
  • Monitor your local weather forecasts regularly for the latest updates and potential winter storms.

Factors Influencing Virginia’s Snow Forecast:

The upcoming winter’s snow predictions for Virginia are influenced by several complex factors, including:

El Niño:

  • Impact: El Niño typically weakens Pacific jet streams, pushing them southward. This can lead to drier conditions in Northern California and wetter, snowier winters in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. However, its influence on Virginia’s snowfall is less direct and varies. Some studies suggest it can lead to colder and snowier winters in the Mid-Atlantic, while others indicate no consistent pattern.

La Niña:

  • Impact: La Niña generally strengthens Pacific jet streams, potentially bringing colder and snowier winters to the Eastern US, including Virginia. However, as La Niña isn’t a factor, its influence is irrelevant for this year’s forecast.

Cold air from the north:

  • Impact: Arctic outbreaks, bringing cold air southward, can significantly impact snowfall in Virginia. These events are difficult to predict long-term but can contribute to periods of heavier snowfall, especially in the northern and western parts of the state.

Other factors:

  • Atlantic Ocean temperatures: Warmer Atlantic waters can influence storm tracks and precipitation patterns, potentially impacting Virginia’s snowfall.
  • Local geographic features: Mountains, valleys, and proximity to the coast can create microclimates with varying snowfall amounts.

Snow Predictions for Virginia: 2023-2024 City-by-City Breakdown

While it’s impossible to predict exact snowfall for every city, here’s a breakdown based on the overall and regional forecasts discussed previously:


  • Above-average snowfall compared to last year, potentially 2-3 inches more per month.
  • Snowiest periods anticipated in late December, mid- to late January, and early to mid-February.
  • Temperatures generally above average with colder spells in December, late January, and early February.

Regional Predictions:

Northern Virginia:

  • Heavier snowfall, especially in mountains (30-50 inches).
  • Piedmont region: 10-20 inches
  • Cities: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, etc.

Central Virginia:

  • Moderate snowfall, with Roanoke Valley expecting 15-25 inches.
  • Cities: Richmond, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville, etc.

Southern Virginia:

  • Lighter snowfall, with Norfolk potentially receiving 2-5 inches.
  • Warmer than other regions.
  • Cities: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Chesapeake, etc.

Temperature Predictions:


  • Generally colder than December and January, potentially the coldest month.
  • Chances for snowstorms and icy conditions.


  • Temperatures start rising, though colder spells are still possible.
  • Snowfall less likely, but freezing rain or sleet could occur.


  • Spring officially arrives with warmer temperatures.
  • Snowfall highly unlikely for all regions.

More details 

City Expected Snowfall (inches)
Abingdon Around 19.6
Alexandria Approximately 15.2
Ashland Near 14.0
Bedford About 23.1
Bristol Around 29.2
Charlottesville Approximately 12.5
Chesapeake About 7.2
Clifton Forge Near 22.1
Danville Around 16.9
Fairfax Approximately 13.8
Fredericksburg About 11.7
Galax Around 28.9
Hampton About 6.1
Harrisonburg Near 24.7
Hopewell Around 9.3
Lynchburg Approximately 19.5
Manassas Near 14.3
Martinsville Around 21.2
Newport News About 5.7
Norfolk Approximately 5.3
Norton Significant, about 42.1
Petersburg Near 11.2
Pocahontas Around 31.4
Portsmouth About 5.1
Richmond Approximately 12.2
Roanoke Around 22.9
Salem About 20.8
Staunton Near 20.7
Suffolk About 4.9
Virginia Beach Approximately 4.3
Winchester Near 20.3

This table offers a quick reference to the anticipated snowfall in different cities across Virginia, providing an overview that is both informative and easy to understand. Remember, these figures are forecasts, and actual snowfall may vary. It’s always best to stay updated with the latest weather reports for more accurate and timely information.

Virginia Snowfall Records

Location Date Snowfall (inches)
Round Hill, Loudoun County January 24, 2006 36.0
Big Meadows, Madison County January 6-8, 1996 49.0
Richmond, Virginia February 2-4, 1996 21.1
Norfolk, Virginia January 23-24, 1940 21.6
Salisbury, Maryland January 27-29, 1922 19.1


Virginia Beach Snow in 2024:

  • There is a chance Virginia Beach will get some snow this winter, but the amount is predicted to be lighter compared to other regions in Virginia, around 2-5 inches.
  • This is based on the overall forecast for above-average snowfall in Virginia for 2023-2024.

Winter Prediction for Virginia (2023-2024):

  • The overall winter prediction for Virginia is above average snowfall, with the snowiest periods expected in late December, mid- to late January, and early to mid-February.

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