Savannah Bananas Schedule : A Complete Details?

The Savannah Bananas are a collegiate summer league baseball team based in Georgia, USA. Thanks to their unique interpretation of America’s pastime, they have gained immense popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. The team’s identity is not limited to baseball but includes fast-paced entertainment and fan engagement.

The Bananas’ games are known for their fun-loving atmosphere, with players performing choreographed dance routines and swinging flaming baseball bats. The team has a massive following of over 6 million on TikTok, more than any Major League Baseball franchise. The Bananas’ 2024 schedule includes games at Grayson Stadium on February 23-25, March 28-29, April 4-6, and May 30-31.

Savannah Bananas Schedule 2024

Here is the schedule for the 2024 Banana Ball World Tour of the Savannah Bananas:

Date City
February 8-10, 2024 Tampa Bay, Florida
February 15-17, 2024 Peoria, Arizona
February 23-25, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
March 1-3, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida
March 9, 2024 Houston, Texas
March 14-16, 2024 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 22-24, 2024 Gwinnett County, Georgia
March 28-29, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
April 4-6, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
April 12-14, 2024 Durham, North Carolina
April 20-21, 2024 Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 25-27, 2024 Mesa, Arizona
May 3-5, 2024 Fresno, California
May 9-11, 2024 Sacramento, California
May 16-18, 2024 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 24-26, 2024 Columbus, Ohio
May 30-31, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
June 1, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
June 8, 2024 Boston, Massachusetts
June 13-15, 2024 Nashville, Tennessee
June 27-29, 2024 Indianapolis, Indiana
July 5-7, 2024 Buffalo, New York
July 13, 2024 Washington, D.C.
July 18-20, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
August 1-3, 2024 Louisville, Kentucky
August 10, 2024 Cleveland, Ohio
August 16-18, 2024 Norfolk, Virginia
August 22-24, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
August 30-31, 2024 Salt Lake City, Utah
September 6-8, 2024 Des Moines, Iowa
September 13-15, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
September 21, 2024 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 26-28, 2024 Savannah, Georgia
October 12, 2024 Miami, Florida

The Savannah Bananas will play 84 games from February through October in 27 cities across the United States, including Jacksonville, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Nashville, and Buffalo. On select dates, they will also play at their home stadium, Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah Bananas 2024 home games

The Savannah Bananas have announced their 2024 schedule, which includes nine home games at Historic Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia. The dates for the home games are:

  • Feb. 23-25
  • March 28-29
  • April 4-6
  • May 30-31
  • June 1
  • July 18-20
  • Aug. 22-24
  • Sept. 13-15
  • Sept. 26-28

The team will also visit six Major League Baseball ballparks and a nautical voyage as part of their Banana Ball World Tour. The Bananas will see the six MLB cities: Houston, Boston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Miami. The team is expected to play in front of about million people next season.

Savannah Bananas Lineup 2024

Here is the lineup for the Savannah Bananas for the 2024 Banana Ball World Tour:

Position Player Social Handles
Infielder Bill LeRoy IG – @bill_leroy | TT – @billleroy
Infielder Kyle Luigs N/A
Infielder Jackson Olson IG – @jacksonolson | TikTok – @jacksonolson
Infielder Ryan Cox IG – @ryancox_2 | TikTok – @ryancox_2
Infielder Dalton Mauldin IG – @daltonmauldin | TikTok – @daltonmauldin
First Baseman Dan Oberst N/A
First Baseman Eric Jones Jr. N/A
Infielder Robert Anthony Cruz TikTok – @coachrac | IG – @coachrac
Infielder Gabe Howell N/A
Outfielder DR Meadows IG – @drmeadows_ | TikTok – @drmeadows_
Outfielder Michael Deeb IG – @michaeldeeb_ | TikTok – @michaeldeeb_
Outfielder Noah Bridges IG – @noahbridges_ | TikTok – @noahbridges_
Outfielder Reese Alexiades IG – @reesealexiades | TikTok – @reese_alexiades
Outfielder Brandon Crosby N/A
Pitcher Ryan Kellogg N/A
Pitcher Zack Phillips N/A
Pitcher Jared Donalson N/A
Pitcher DJ N/A
Pitcher Christian Dearman N/A
Pitcher Danny Hosley N/A
Pitcher Noah Niznik N/A
Pitcher Ethan Skujia N/A

The team is captained by Bill LeRoy and Kyle Luigs who are returning for their seventh year as Bananas. The team has 20 returning players from the 2023 tour. The team will be touring across several cities in the US, including Salt Lake City, Des Moines, Philadelphia, and Miami.

How to get Savannah Bananas tickets

To purchase Savannah Bananas tickets, visit their official website and click the “Tickets” tab. You can join the ticket waitlist by clicking the “Join the Waitlist” button on the same page.

If you’re looking for tickets at a lower price, you can check out TicketIQ, where prices start at $70. For more expensive options, you can check out SeatGeek, where prices can go as high as $300+.

Please note that the prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the game and the seating area.

Savannah Bananas Ticket Guide

To purchase tickets for a Savannah Bananas game, visit their official website and click the “Tickets” tab. Select the game you wish to attend and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Savannah Bananas Players

Here is the roster for the Savannah Bananas baseball team for the year 2024 :

Player Name Position Batting/Throwing Hometown Fun Fact
Bill Leroy C R/R Dublin, GA Excellent Breakfast Chef
Reese Alexiades OF R/R Manhattan Beach, CA A lightsaber being ignited
Eric Jones INF,C Charlotte, NC Can solve Rubik’s Cubes in less than 2 minutes
Mat Wolf INF,P R/R Yukon, OK Celebrity Doppleganger: Rob Dyrdek
DR Meadows OF R/R Vidalia, GA Favorite Food: Anything pickled
Ryan Cox INF L/R Aliquippa, PA Favorite Satisfying Sound: Crack of a bat
Michael Deeb UTL L/L Plantation, FL Most Dad-like Thing Thing: Wear Hawaiian shirts
Jackson Olson INF L/R New Milford, CT Pregame Ritual: Drink half an energy drink
Noah Bridges OF L/R Wilmington, NC Nickname: Heartthrob of Bananaland
Alex Ziegler EH R/L Butler, PA Was on Jay Leno & holds several world records
Gabe Howell INF R/R Summerville, GA Favorite Things: doing something small for somebody, conversations with strangers
Kyle Luigs P L/R Richmond Hill, GA Go-To Karaoke Song: Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
Dalton Mauldin INF R/R Nashville, TN Celebrity Doppleganger: Shakira
Dakota Albritton UTL R/R Ellaville, GA Weird Fact: Enjoys spaghetti with ranch
Robert Anthony Cruz INF L/R Fontana, CA Interesting Fact: Was homeschooled most of his life
Brandon Crosby UTL R/R Mechanicsville, VA Nickname: Showtime
Danny Hosley UTL R/R Vienna, VA Fun Fact: I am a certified EMT
Dan Oberst INF R/R Tampa, FL Favorite Gas Station Snack: Honey Buns
Jared Donalson R/R

Savannah Bananas Jersey

The Savannah Bananas official merchandise site offers a variety of jerseys for purchase. You can find the latest arrivals, new releases, and special offers for adults and kids. Here are some of the jerseys available:

  1. Bananas Evo Shield Jersey – Yellow: priced at $85.
  2. Bananas Evo Shield Jersey – Print: priced at $85.
  3. Bananas Evo Shield Jersey – White: priced at $85


What time should you get to a Savannah Bananas game?

The Savannah Bananas are known for their entertaining games, so arriving early to enjoy the pre-game activities is recommended. Gates open at 5:30 pm, and the show starts at 7:00 pm. 

Are the Savannah Bananas in MLB The Show 23?

As of my last update, the Savannah Bananas, a collegiate summer baseball team, were not featured in MLB The Show 23, primarily focusing on Major League Baseball teams and players.

What is the point of the Savannah Bananas?

The Savannah Bananas aim to make baseball fun and entertaining for everyone.They are known for their unique play style and ability to engage with the audience.

What is a ‘Banana Ball’?

‘Banana Ball’ is a modified version of baseball played by the Savannah Bananas and their rival team, the Party Animals.In this game variation, teams accumulate points by winning innings rather than scoring runs. Additionally, there’s a strict two-hour time cap on the game’s duration, with no new inning beginning after 1 hour and 50 minutes. These alterations to traditional baseball rules ensure a quicker, more dynamic gameplay experience.

When is the Savannah Bananas cruise?

The “Bananaland at Sea” cruise featuring the Savannah Bananas is scheduled to embark from Miami, Florida. This event, set for October, will occur following the team’s game at the Miami Marlins’ stadium,12, 2024. The cruise, which runs from Oct. From the 14th to the 18th, the journey will occur to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. Passengers will have the chance to interact with the cast and teams aboard the ship, offering numerous opportunities for photos and various engaging activities.

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