Is Booksi Travel Legit? Be Careful?

Are you planning a dream vacation but wondering if you can trust the travel company you’re booking? In today’s world of online booking sites and deals that seem too good to be true, it pays to research before handing over your hard-earned money.

 Books Travel has been gaining popularity for their low prices on airfare and hotel packages, but are they reliable? This article will look in depth at Booksi Travel, examining reviews and complaints, pricing structure, cancellation policies, and more. Read on to find out if this increasingly popular budget travel site is worth the risk before you click ‘purchase’ on your next getaway.

Is Booksi Travel Legit?

Is Booksi Travel a Genuine organization? Indeed, Booksi Travel is a genuine organization. Nonetheless, you want to understand it to settle your choice more precisely.

Books Travel is an internet-based travel service that offers many administrations to work with movement courses of action for people and organizations. From booking lodgings to sorting out excursion bundles and rentals, Booksi Travel improves the movement arranging process by giving an easy-to-understand stage for clients to peruse and book their ideal travel choices.

The organization has encountered critical development and acknowledgment inside the movement business. Its cutthroat valuing, broad travel choices, and easy-to-use interface have increased its ubiquity among voyagers.

Nonetheless, notwithstanding its conspicuousness, questions regarding the authenticity of Booksi Travel have emerged among likely clients. In the accompanying segments, we will dig into different angles to evaluate the believability of Booksi Travel and provide bits of knowledge about its authenticity.

How Booksi Vacations Work?

Books Getaways work on two different plans of action. Books Getaways accomplices with the universe, driving travel administrations and purchasing lodgings in mass at limited costs. Later, they sell lodgings to their clients, creating a gain. In any case, their beneficial cost is astonishingly fixed for their client. You hit the nail on the head.

Allow me to give you a model: Booksi getaways hold lodgings in mass for $100 each. Afterward, they sell each room for $120. Yet, the market cost of that lodging is $150.

Thus, for this situation, Booksi Getaways created a gain of $20 and gave a $30 rebate to its clients.

Books Get-aways benefit

In another action plan, Booksi Getaways advance lodgings by posting them on its site. At the point when a client books lodging, Booksi takes a commission from the movement administration and passes some to its client. In this way, book getaways figure out how to offer limits to clients to rival the market costs.

Advantages of using Booksi Vacations

Advantages of using Booksi Vacations

  1. Potentially significant savings: Booksi boasts exclusive deals with resorts, often up to 80% off regular rates. These packages typically include luxury accommodations, meals, and resort amenities, making them a potentially budget-friendly option for all-inclusive vacations.
  2. Flexibility: Booksi offers two main ways to book:
  • Special Offers: Purchase upfront at a discounted price and choose your travel dates later within an 18-month window. This is ideal if you still need to set your travel plans.
  • Membership Program: Pay a monthly subscription for access to member-only deals on hotels, cruises, flights, and activities. This suits frequent travelers who want ongoing vacation savings.
  1. Convenience: Booksi simplifies vacation planning by offering pre-packaged deals that include flights, accommodations, and, in some cases, activities. This saves you time and effort compared to piecing together your trip from scratch.
  2. Variety of destinations: Booksi offers deals for popular vacation spots in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Panama. So, whether you crave sun-drenched beaches, lush rainforests, or vibrant culture, there’s likely a Booksi destination for you.
  3. Potential for upgrades and add-ons: Some Booksi deals offer upgrade options, like swim-up suites or oceanfront views, for an additional cost. You can also often add activities like spa treatments or excursions to your package.
  • Things to keep in mind:
  • Books primarily act as a platform, connecting you with third-party vacation suppliers. Always research the specific resort or hotel before booking and read the fine print of any offers, including cancellation policies and blackout dates.
  • Compare prices with other Travel booking websites before deciding on Booksi to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Customer reviews can offer valuable insights into their experience with Books.

Services Offered by Booksi Travel

Booking Accommodations

  • Books allow you to book hotel rooms, apartments, villas, hostels, and resorts. They advertise having deals at top chains and luxurious properties. However, the rooms are often at budget chains or 3-star hotels despite photos showing 5-star resorts.

Flight Reservations

  • You can book flights worldwide through Booksi. However, they usually only offer basic economy fares with extra fees for checked bags, seat selection, cancellations, and more. Flights are also prone to last-minute cancellations and changes.

Car Rentals

  • Books provide car rental bookings, but customers often find the rates relatively cheap compared to rental companies. Additional fees are typically added for taxes, insurance, etc.

Tour Packages

  • Booksi’s specialty is discounted vacation packages, including flights, hotels, airport transfers, and tours. However, extras like meal plans, charges for activities, and destination fees often get tacked on unexpectedly.
  • Books promise fantastic deals, but travelers experience many hidden costs and hassles when redeeming their booked Travel.
  • Books allow customers to book discounted cruises to destinations around the world. However, they have limited partnerships with cruise lines, so deals are rare. The advertised pricing generally excludes port charges, gratuities, and other fees that add hundreds to the total cost. Those who book cruises through Booksi also report issues with cabin assignments, dining reservations, and more needing to be mislabeled.

Customer Service

  • Books advertises having 24/7 customer service to assist with travel plans and any issues. However, customers consistently report incredibly long hold times, unreturned emails and messages, unhelpful staff when reached, and an inability to get problems resolved. Whether it’s a cancellation, change in reservation, or request for a refund, Booksi’s customer service appears inadequate to provide needed support after booking.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Pricing and Payment Methods

Step 1: Search for flights, hotels, vacation packages, etc., on the Books website. The initial prices shown will be meager.

Step 2: Select your preferred travel option and start the booking process. This is where hidden fees start getting added.

Step 3: Provide requested traveler information like names, dates of birth, and contact info.

Step 4: Enter payment information. Books require full payment upfront and primarily take major credit cards.

Step 5:Finish booking. You will get a confirmation email, but details may differ from what was initially shown.

Step 6: Double check reservation details. Many Booksi customers find flight times changed, different hotels booked, additional fees added, etc., after booking.

Step 7: Print confirmations and communication with Books. Their customer service is poor, so you need documentation if issues arise.

Step 8: Monitor your reservation and credit card closely. Follow up proactively with Booksi if any discrepancies or changes occur. Expect more support.

Step 9: I hope for the best but be prepared for additional fees, cancellations, or other changes even after booking. Read all the fine print carefully.

Website Security and Privacy Policies

Books Travel’s website security and privacy protections must be improved compared to those of more reputable online travel sites. Their website does not have SSL encryption, exposing customer data and payment info to potential security risks. They do not provide details on collecting, using, or sharing customers’ personal information with third parties.

Books also do not offer options for customers to update communication preferences or review/delete data. Reviews indicate customers frequently receive spam emails and unsolicited calls after booking through Booksi, even when opting out.

Their vague privacy policy allows the company to use data however they choose. With no transparency into data handling or website security protocols, customers cannot verify their information is safe when using Booksi Travel compared to alternatives like Expedia or TripAdvisor, which detail clear security and privacy protections.

Tips for Bookings on Books

Here are some tips for booking Travel through Booksi:

Read reviews:

Check third-party review sites to see real customer experiences. Booksi’s reviews regarding hidden fees, billing issues, and reservation problems are overwhelmingly negative.

Compare prices:

Compare the price to other travel sites to see if Booksi’s deals are cheaper once all fees are included. Their base prices are often low, but extras make it more expensive.

Check for hidden fees:

Read the fine print carefully during booking to see if taxes, baggage fees, resort fees, etc, are added later to the initial price.

Book early:

Last-minute Booksi deals can be especially prone to issues like cancellations or changes since they often need to be confirmed.

Use a credit card:

Pay by credit card to dispute any unauthorized charges or billing discrepancies. Getting refunds from Booksi directly takes a lot of work.

Consider travel insurance:

Since Booksi bookings are prone to issues, travel insurance may be worth purchasing for cancellation protection.

Confirm details:

Double and triple-check all reservation details after booking for accuracy. Follow up immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Document everything:

Save all booking confirmations, emails, and other communication with Booksi if you need to reference them later.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Booksi Vacations

Advantages of using Booksi Vacations

If you’re arranging an excursion, you could have gone over Booksi, a site that offers lodging and comprehensive arrangements for up to 83% off. Before you book your fantasy getaway, gauging the benefits and hindrances of utilizing Booksi is basic.

Advantages of Using Booksi Vacations

Affordable prices:

Books advertise meager prices for vacation packages, but hidden fees often raise costs significantly.

Wide range of destinations:

Books do offer packages to many popular destinations worldwide. However, availability is only sometimes guaranteed.

Easy to use:

The website is user-friendly, but the booking process frequently adds unexpected charges and details.

Customer service:

According to reviews, books claim 24/7 support, but customer service could be more responsive.

Additional perks:

Books promote inclusions like meal plans, airport transfers, and activities, but travelers often find those are excluded or come with additional fees.

Cancellation policies:

Booksi’s cancellation and change policies are stringent, with little flexibility or refunds.

Booking incentives:

Books offer discounts for early booking, but travelers report issues like cancellations when booking far in advance.

In summary, the advertised advantages of booking with Booksi Vacations frequently need to match the experience, especially compared to more transparent and reputable travel booking sites. The low upfront pricing often comes with many strings attached.

Disadvantages of Using Booksi Vacations

Scam concerns:

Many reviews accuse Booksi of using bait-and-switch tactics, misleading ads, unauthorized charges, and inferior customer service – all red flags for a potential scam.

Limited availability:

Books may advertise packages and pricing that are not available. Travelers report booked flights and hotels needing to be longer or more general.

Hidden fees:

The upfront pricing excludes taxes, resort fees, baggage, meal plans, and other mandatory add-ons that raise the actual costs significantly.

Cancellation policy:

Books retain huge cancellation/change penalties, often 100% of booking cost, and provide little assistance if you need to adjust plans.

Airline restrictions:

Flights are usually non-refundable, non-changeable basic economy fares with extra fees for seats and bags.

Billing issues:

Reviews reveal unauthorized credit card charges, difficulty getting refunds, or accountability for billing errors.

Poor customer service:

Response time could be faster, leaving travelers to resolve cancellations or booking problems.

Lack of transparency:

Details on additional charges, actual hotels, and cancellation terms are vague or undisclosed during booking.

Overall, Booksi Vacations is known for overpromising on discounted Travel and underdelivering with many hidden costs and support headaches for travelers. The risk likely outweighs the potential reward.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Reviews from verified Booksi Travel customers on independent sites tell a largely negative story, contrary to the company’s cherry-picked testimonials. Complaints center on deceptive advertising of discount travel that is far more expensive than quoted once tacked-on fees are added.

Numerous travelers describe arriving at hotels or airports with a paid reservation, only to find Booksi had overbooked or canceled it at the last minute without notice. Trying to get refunds or assistance from customer service is fruitless based on accounts of unanswered calls and emails spanning weeks.

While some positive reviews can be found, critical ones suggest alarming business practices are at play. Most advise avoiding the headaches and booking directly through trusted providers. For a travel company, too many Booksi customers report being stranded and budget-strapped by false promises and poor service.

Comparative Analysis

Books Travel Vs. Other Providers

While finding the best travel bargains, contrasting various suppliers is fundamental to guarantee you’re getting the best incentive for your cash. Books Travel offers cutthroat costs for the inn and comprehensive bundles determined with other travel sites. Books have numerous objections and properties, including renowned spots like Cancun, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Punta Cana; the sky is the limit from there.

One of the main benefits of Booksi Travel is its easy-to-use site interface, which makes it simple to look for and book your ideal travel bundle. The site is intended to be essential and natural, with straightforward estimating and bundle data. This assists you with staying away from the problem of exploring through convoluted booking processes and secret charges.

Furthermore, Booksi Travel provides magnificent client care with a group of movement specialists who can respond to various feedback forms. This degree of help can be valuable while booking Travel to new objections or managing unforeseen issues that might emerge during your excursion.

While there are numerous other travel suppliers, Booksi Travel stands out for its serious evaluation, easy-to-use site, and excellent client assistance. If you’re searching for a dependable and reasonable method for booking your next getaway, Booksi Travel merits consideration.


What is Booksi Travel, and what services do they offer?

Books offer discounted flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, and other travel bookings.

How can I determine if Booksi Travel is trustworthy?

Look at independent customer reviews, overwhelmingly negative for Booksi regarding hidden fees and poor service.

Are there alternatives to using Booksi Travel for my travel bookings?

Use reputable sites like Expedia and TripAdvisor, or book directly with airlines/hotels.

Are Booksi transactions secure?

No, their website lacks standard encryption and security measures.

How can I verify the legitimacy of Booksi?

It’s difficult because they lack transparency, but negative reviews indicate significant issues.

Can I trust the deals and packages offered by Booksi Travel?

Customers report that advertised prices are deceptive once hidden add-on fees are added at checkout.

Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with Booksi Travel?

Yes, taxes, baggage fees, resort fees, and other surcharges are often added to advertised prices.

Is Booksi Travel a reputable and trustworthy vacation provider?

No, accounts of bait-and-switch tactics, unauthorized charges, and stranded travelers suggest it’s risky.


Books Travel offers cheap flights, hotels, and vacation packages. But are they trustworthy? Many customers say no. Lots of people who use Books Travel say it is terrible. They say Booksi lies about prices. Books show cheap flights and hotels. But then they add expensive fees later. Some people paid for trips, but Booksi canceled them at the last minute. Others had their hotel rooms given away even though they had paid Booksi already.

When customers call Booksi for help, Booksi does not answer the phone. Books do not give refunds to unhappy customers. Many say it is a scam.

It is safer to book trips directly with airlines and hotels. Or use travel sites like Expedia that are more honest. Do not trust the deals from Booksi Travel. Their cheap prices end up costing more. And their customer service will not help you if anything goes wrong. In the end, Booksi Travel is too risky. You should book your vacations with a company you can trust.

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