The 8 Best European River Cruises For Every Type Of Traveler

Immerse yourself in the rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures of Europe with a river cruise. From the majestic Danube to the romantic Rhine, these voyages offer a unique and intimate way to explore some of the continent’s most captivating destinations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the top European river cruises, catering to a diverse range of traveler preferences and interests.

Best Overall European River Cruise: Viking Cruises, Viking Egdir

Viking Egdir

When it comes to European river cruises, Viking Cruises consistently ranks among the best, and the Viking Egdir is a prime example of their excellence. This state-of-the-art longship offers a luxurious and immersive experience as it navigates the iconic rivers of Europe.

One of the standout features of the Viking Egdir is its thoughtfully designed staterooms, which include panoramic windows that allow you to take in the breathtaking scenery as you glide along the rivers. The ship’s elegant Scandinavian-inspired decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the top-notch amenities, such as the sun deck, pool, and spa, ensure you can relax and unwind in style.

Viking Cruises is renowned for its enriching cultural experiences, and the Viking Egdir is no exception. From fascinating shore excursions led by knowledgeable guides to onboard lectures and demonstrations, you’ll have ample opportunities to delve into the history, art, and traditions of the regions you visit.


  • Panoramic staterooms with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Scandinavian-inspired design and luxurious amenities
  • Immersive cultural experiences and educational programming
  • Skilled and friendly staff committed to exceptional service

Sample Itinerary: The 8-day “Rhine Getaway” cruise takes you from Amsterdam to Basel, exploring iconic cities like Cologne, Koblenz, and Strasbourg along the way.

Best High-End European River Cruise: Uniworld, S.S. La Venezia

S.S. La Venezia

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, the S.S. La Venezia from Uniworld is an exceptional choice. This elegant ship, inspired by the grandeur of Venice, offers a truly indulgent river cruise experience along the iconic waterways of Europe.

From the moment you step aboard, you’ll be captivated by the exquisite Venetian-inspired decor, featuring intricate mosaics, hand-crafted mirrors, and opulent fabrics. The staterooms are spacious and beautifully appointed, with luxurious amenities and marble bathrooms that exude refinement.

Dining on the S.S. La Venezia is a culinary journey in itself, with expertly prepared gourmet cuisine featuring locally sourced ingredients and inspired by the regions you visit. Complement your meals with selections from the ship’s impressive wine cellar, curated by experienced sommeliers.


  • Elegant Venetian-inspired decor and lavish accommodations
  • Gourmet dining experiences with locally sourced ingredients
  • Curated wine cellar and expert sommeliers
  • Enriching onboard experiences, such as cooking demonstrations and art lectures

Sample Itinerary: The 10-day “Venice & the Gems of Northern Italy” cruise takes you from Venice to Milan, exploring charming towns like Chioggia, Ferrara, and Verona along the way.

Best European River Cruise For Families: A-Rosa, A-Rosa Sena

A-Rosa Sena

Family-friendly river cruises are a fantastic way to create cherished memories while exploring Europe’s iconic waterways. A-Rosa is a leader in this category, and the A-Rosa Sena is a standout choice for families seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Designed with families in mind, the A-Rosa Sena offers spacious accommodations, including family suites and connecting staterooms, ensuring ample space for everyone to feel comfortable. The ship’s amenities cater to all ages, with a swimming pool, mini-golf course, and dedicated kids’ clubs and activities.

One of the highlights of cruising with A-Rosa is their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The A-Rosa Sena is a cutting-edge ship featuring innovative technologies that minimize its environmental impact, allowing you to explore Europe’s waterways while respecting the natural beauty that surrounds you.


  • Family-friendly accommodations and amenities
  • Dedicated kids’ clubs and engaging activities
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible operations
  • Knowledgeable guides and enriching shore excursions

Sample Itinerary: The 7-day “Danube Family Adventure” cruise takes you from Budapest to Engelhartszell, with stops in charming towns like Vienna and Melk, offering opportunities for family-friendly activities and cultural exploration.

Best European River Cruise For Couples: Scenic, Scenic Azure

For couples seeking a romantic and indulgent European river cruise experience, the Scenic Azure from Scenic is an excellent choice. This luxurious ship offers an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying quality time together.

The Scenic Azure boasts elegantly appointed suites, many featuring private balconies or terraces, providing the perfect setting for sipping a glass of wine while taking in the stunning landscapes. The ship’s amenities are designed with couples in mind, including an indulgent spa, a well-stocked library, and an intimate dining area for private dinners.

Scenic is renowned for its all-inclusive approach, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is taken care of with exceptional service and attention to detail. From gourmet dining experiences to immersive shore excursions, you can relax and savor every moment without worrying about the details.


  • Luxurious and intimate atmosphere, perfect for couples
  • Elegantly appointed suites with private balconies or terraces
  • All-inclusive experience with exceptional service
  • Indulgent amenities, including a spa and private dining options

Sample Itinerary: The 8-day “Gems of the Danube” cruise takes you from Budapest to Nuremberg, exploring charming towns like Dürnstein and Melk, with ample opportunities for romantic experiences along the way.

Best European River Cruise For History Lovers: Tauck River Cruising, MS Sapphire

If you’re a history buff seeking to immerse yourself in Europe’s rich cultural heritage, the MS Sapphire from Tauck River Cruising is an excellent choice. This elegant ship offers an enriching and educational experience, allowing you to explore the continent’s storied past in depth.

One of the standout features of the MS Sapphire is its onboard enrichment program, featuring knowledgeable guides and experts who provide fascinating insights into the history, art, and architecture of the regions you visit. From informative lectures to exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Europe’s cultural tapestry.

The ship itself is a testament to Tauck’s commitment to quality, with beautifully appointed staterooms, elegant public spaces, and top-notch amenities. The culinary experience on board is also a highlight, with regionally inspired cuisine that celebrates the flavors and traditions of the destinations you explore.


  • Enriching onboard enrichment program with knowledgeable guides and experts
  • In-depth exploration of Europe’s cultural heritage and history
  • Elegant accommodations and top-notch amenities
  • Regionally inspired cuisine celebrating local flavors and traditions

Sample Itinerary: The 12-day “The Blue Danube” cruise takes you from Budapest to Prague, exploring fascinating cities like Vienna, Regensburg, and Nuremberg, with guided tours and lectures focused on the region’s rich history and cultural legacy.

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Best Value European River Cruise: Emerald Cruises, Emerald Luna

Emerald Luna

For travelers seeking an exceptional European river cruise experience without compromising on value, the Emerald Luna from Emerald Cruises is an excellent choice. This modern and stylish ship offers an ideal balance of affordability and luxury, ensuring a memorable journey along Europe’s iconic waterways.

One of the standout features of the Emerald Luna is its contemporary and stylish design, with sleek and comfortable accommodations that include panoramic windows and spacious balconies. The ship’s public spaces are equally inviting, with a heated pool, cinema, and well-stocked library, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Emerald Cruises is renowned for its exceptional value proposition, offering an all-inclusive experience that covers gourmet dining, unlimited beverages, and a variety of shore excursions and onboard activities. This means you can fully immerse yourself in the cultural experiences without worrying about hidden costs or additional expenses.


  • Stylish and modern accommodations with panoramic windows and balconies
  • All-inclusive experience covering gourmet dining, beverages, and excursions
  • Inviting public spaces with a heated pool, cinema, and library
  • Excellent value for money without compromising on quality

Sample Itinerary: The 8-day “Danube Delights” cruise takes you from Budapest to Nuremberg, exploring charming towns like Dürnstein, Vienna, and Regensburg, offering a perfect blend of cultural immersion and affordability.

Best European River Cruise For Foodies: Riverside Luxury Cruises, Riverside Ravel

Riverside Ravel

For culinary enthusiasts and food lovers, the Riverside Ravel from Riverside Luxury Cruises offers a tantalizing journey through Europe’s rich gastronomic traditions. This intimate and luxurious ship provides a truly indulgent experience, allowing you to savor the flavors and authentic cuisines of the destinations you visit.

The Riverside Ravel boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen, helmed by a team of talented chefs who create exceptional culinary experiences using locally sourced ingredients and regional specialties. From multi-course tasting menus to cooking demonstrations and wine pairings, every meal is a celebration of the culinary arts.

In addition to the onboard dining experiences, Riverside Luxury Cruises offers a variety of immersive shore excursions focused on food and wine. You’ll have the opportunity to visit local markets, vineyards, and specialty food producers, gaining insight into the rich culinary heritage of Europe’s diverse regions.


  • State-of-the-art kitchen and talented culinary team
  • Exceptional dining experiences featuring locally sourced ingredients and regional specialties
  • Immersive food and wine-focused shore excursions
  • Intimate and luxurious atmosphere with personalized service

Sample Itinerary: The 10-day “Flavors of Burgundy and Provence” cruise takes you from Lyon to Avignon, exploring the gastronomic capitals of France, with visits to renowned wine regions, cooking classes, and tastings of local delicacies.

Best European River Cruise For Active Travelers: AmaWaterways, AmaMagna


For active travelers seeking a European river cruise experience that combines cultural exploration with adventure and wellness, the AmaMagna from AmaWaterways is an exceptional choice. This innovative ship offers a unique blend of luxury and adventure, catering to those with an active lifestyle.

One of the standout features of the AmaMagna is its expansive wellness and fitness facilities, including a well-equipped gym, yoga and cycling studios, and a spacious sun deck with a heated pool and whirlpool. Complimentary fitness classes and guided hiking and biking excursions ensure you can stay active and engaged throughout your journey.

In addition to its focus on wellness, the AmaMagna offers luxurious accommodations, with spacious suites featuring amenities like massage showers and private balconies. The ship’s culinary offerings are equally impressive, with locally inspired cuisine and a variety of dining venues catering to different tastes and preferences.


  • Extensive wellness and fitness facilities, including a gym, yoga studio, and heated pool
  • Complimentary fitness classes and guided hiking and biking excursions
  • Luxurious accommodations with spacious suites and upscale amenities
  • Diverse culinary offerings featuring locally inspired cuisine

Sample Itinerary: The 7-day “Captivating Rhine” cruise takes you from Basel to Amsterdam, exploring charming towns like Strasbourg, Cologne, and Rüdesheim, with plenty of opportunities for active adventures like hiking and biking along the way.

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