10 Most Expensive Place In Finland?

Thinking of visiting Finland? Get ready for an amazing adventure in a beautiful country! But before you pack your bags, there’s something you should know: not all parts of Finland are created equal. Some places are much more expensive than others.

Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It’s known for its stunning scenery, friendly people, and delicious food. But if you’re on a budget, you might want to avoid some of the most expensive places in the country. These places are great to visit, but they can be hard on your wallet.

The 10 most expensive places in Finland are mostly cities. Helsinki, the capital, is the most expensive of all. Other pricey cities include Espoo, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu. These cities have high costs for housing, food, and transportation. But they also offer a lot! You’ll find world-class museums, restaurants, and shops in these cities. Plus, they’re all beautiful places to explore.

10 Most Expensive Place In Finland?

Helsinki: City of Islands and Saunas

Nestled on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, the capital of Finland, sparkles with charm. It’s the priciest spot in the whole country, but for good reason! Imagine streets buzzing with trams, trendy cafes lining cobbled squares, and ferries skimming crystal-clear waters between green islands.

Explore grand museums brimming with Viking treasures or modern art, then dive into a relaxing sauna, a uniquely Finnish tradition. From the iconic white Helsinki Cathedral to the lively Market Square, every corner unfolds a new adventure. So, grab a cinnamon roll (pulla) and let Helsinki sweep you away.

Espoo: Where Nature Meets Innovation

Just a hop and a skip from Helsinki, Espoo offers a different kind of magic. Imagine a city where towering forests embrace modern skyscrapers, and islands dot the shimmering Baltic Sea. It’s the second priciest place in Finland, but worth every penny! Explore the futuristic district of Tapiola, where sleek buildings seem to dance around parks and ponds.

Hike through the breathtaking Nuuksio National Park, spotting foxes and eagles among ancient pines. Or, dive into the world of technology at the renowned Aalto University. From serene beaches to cutting-edge museums, Espoo is a playground for curious minds and adventurous hearts. So, put on your sneakers and get ready to be amazed!

Vantaa: Gateway to Adventure

Just next door to bustling Helsinki, Vantaa hums with a different kind of energy. It’s the third most expensive spot in Finland, but don’t let that deter you! Imagine landing at the impressive Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, one of the busiest in the Nordic region. Or, picture yourself zooming into the magical world of Moominvalley Park, where the beloved Finnish characters come to life.

Step beyond the airport and discover verdant forests brimming with hiking trails, perfect for spotting shy deer and playful squirrels. Immerse yourself in Finnish history at the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, where old wooden houses whisper tales of times gone by. And on a sunny day, pack a picnic and head to the Vantaa River for a relaxing afternoon by the water. Vantaa: where adventure takes flight and everyday moments become treasured memories.

Tampere: City of Lakes and Thrills

Buzzing with youthful energy, Tampere, Finland’s fourth priciest gem, sits on a shimmering lake ringed by emerald forests. Imagine streets alive with students rushing to universities and trendy cafes overflowing with laughter. Dive into the vibrant Tammerfors rapids, once powering bustling factories, now a playground for kayakers and thrill-seekers. Explore the quirky Amuri museum island, where vintage trams tell tales of the past, or climb the iconic Pikkulintu observation tower for breathtaking city views.

For some history, peek into the grand Tampere Cathedral, or step back in time at the Vapriikki Museum, where mummies and medieval weapons await. From art galleries bursting with colorful creations to the bustling markets showcasing local crafts, Tampere is a city that never sleeps. So, put on your dancing shoes and prepare to be swept away by its infectious energy.

Oulu: Arctic Adventures Await

Cradled by the Oulu River in northern Finland, Oulu, the sixth priciest gem, shimmers with Arctic magic. Imagine streets lit by the ethereal glow of the midnight sun in summer, or snowy landscapes sparkling under the dancing Northern Lights in winter. This vibrant city hums with the energy of students and tech startups, but nature steals the show.Hike through the pristine forests of Nallikari Nature Park, spotting reindeer and moose among the ancient pines.

Or, kayak along the Oulu River, watching playful seals bask on the rocks. In winter, strap on your ice skates and glide across frozen lakes, or zoom down snowy slopes on a thrilling ski adventure. From the awe-inspiring Temppeliaukio Church, carved into rock, to the modern Tiedekeskus science center, Oulu is a city where nature and innovation collide. So, pack your warmest coat and prepare to be dazzled by the Arctic’s breathtaking beauty!

Jyväskylä: City of Lakes and Learning

Nestled amidst sparkling lakes and lush forests, Jyväskylä, Finland’s seventh priciest gem, exudes a friendly charm. Imagine streets abuzz with students rushing to the renowned University of Jyväskylä, and cafes overflowing with laughter and lively chatter. Explore the breathtaking Harju ridge, offering panoramic views of the city and its shimmering lakes. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Jyväsjärvi, perfect for a refreshing swim or a peaceful kayak ride.

For a dose of history, peek into the Alvar Aalto Museum, showcasing the iconic Finnish architect’s masterpieces. Or, step back in time at the Lutakko open-air museum, where old wooden houses whisper tales of rural life. From the bustling Kauppatori market overflowing with local produce to the serene Botanical Garden bursting with colorful blooms, Jyväskylä is a city that balances urban energy with natural beauty. So, grab a munkki (Finnish donut) and let Jyväskylä’s warmth embrace you.

Lahti: Playground of Sports and Scenery

Lahti: Playground of Sports and Scenery

Lahti, the eighth priciest and sportiest gem in Finland, sits nestled between serene lakes and rolling hills. Imagine streets alive with athletes training for marathons and cyclists zipping past vibrant cafes. Lahti is a winter wonderland in the colder months, with its famous ski jumping hills soaring into the snowy sky and cross-country trails snaking through frosted forests.

In summer, the city transforms into a playground for all kinds of adventures. Kayak across the glassy surface of Lake Vesijärvi, spotting playful otters and sunbathing birds. Hike through the verdant trails of Mukkula Nature Reserve, where ancient trees whisper secrets of the past. Or, climb the iconic Salpausselkä ridge for breathtaking panoramic views. From the cutting-edge Sibelius Museum, dedicated to Finland’s musical maestro, to the bustling Laune Market Square tempting with local delicacies, Lahti is a city where sports and culture go hand-in-hand. So, lace up your sneakers and get ready to be invigorated by Lahti’s infectious energy.


Kuopio is a city in eastern Finland, located on Lake Kallavesi. While not as expensive as Helsinki, Kuopio still has some high-end options. The most luxurious place to stay is the Scandic Hotel Kuopio, part of a Nordic chain, with stylish rooms starting around 150 euros per night. For fine dining, the Ravintola Musta Lammas offers a tasting menu for over 100 euros showcasing local ingredients.

The best area for upscale shopping is the Kuopio Market Square or Kauppatori which has boutiques selling designer brands and jewelry. The Jynkkä area also has luxury retail stores. Though not a premier destination, Kuopio can provide lavish accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and stylish shopping for those seeking higher-end amenities.

Rovaniemi: Where Elves Jingle and Huskies Howl

Picture a winter wonderland painted in frosty whites and twinkling lights. That’s Rovaniemi, nestled above the Arctic Circle in Finland. Imagine zipping through snowy forests on a reindeer sleigh, or cuddling husky pups with fur as soft as clouds. In Rovaniemi, Christmas never truly ends. Santa Claus even has his own official home here, where elves busily wrap presents all year round.

Take a peek into their workshops, whisper your Christmas wishes to Santa himself, and soak in the yuletide cheer. If snowy adventures are your thing, Rovaniemi has them all – snowmobiling across frozen lakes, chasing the magical Northern Lights, or building snow castles fit for a king. So pack your mittens and scarves, and get ready for an unforgettable Arctic escapade in Rovaniemi.


What is the most expensive place to live in Finland?

  • Helsinki, specifically neighborhoods like Eira.

Where do the rich live in Finland?

  • Affluent areas in Helsinki like Kaivopuisto.

Which is the best place to live in Finland?

  • Helsinki is consistently ranked the best city for quality of life.

What is the most expensive area in Helsinki?

  • Eteläesplanadi and Pohjoisesplanadi in the city center.

Which city in Finland is expensive?

  • Helsinki, as the capital and largest city, has the highest prices.


So, Finland might seem a bit pricey at first glance, but all that glitters is not gold! There are tons of amazing adventures waiting for you, even if you don’t stay in the fanciest places.

 From snowy Rovaniemi with its reindeer and Santa Claus, to buzzing Tampere with its lakes and thrills, every city has something special to offer. Remember, Finland is all about exploring nature, quirky museums, and friendly locals. So grab your backpack, a big smile, and get ready for an unforgettable Finnish adventure, no matter the price tag.

And don’t forget, even within the pricier cities, there are ways to save. Look for hostels or Airbnbs instead of fancy hotels, pack some snacks, and explore the free sights like parks and museums. Finland is an open book waiting to be read, and every page holds a new wonder, just waiting to be discovered.

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